1.  Frameless design

– none of the Ventmann plaster vents frame the surface they are placed on. This is possible because they can easily be glazed, thus fully connecting the diffuser to the ceiling or wall.

2. Simple installation

– installation of the orifice (diffuser) is done only once, together with the ceiling or walls. All Ventmann diffusers are designed to require no changes in ceiling height.

3.  Easier painting

– because the diffusers are installed together with the ceiling or walls, they can be painted with the same type of paint.

4. Design integrity

– since you no longer have to think about where to hide the diffuser frame or what paint to use, the interior decoration will maintain its integrity and aesthetics.

5. Ecological composition

– gypsum is a completely natural material, extracted from the ground. It is non-toxic and contains no hazardous chemicals.

6. Comfortable air flow

– our diffusers present excellent performance parameters and have a wide range of models.



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