• Mold in the house is, admittedly, one of the most difficult enemies one can face. Mold knows how to hide well and attack insidiously and gradually. It spreads very easily and when you realize its existence, it is usually too late. After all, how do you fight something when you can’t see it?

It is a set of many different fungi, which are particularly dangerous for both our body and our home. To help you protect yourself, you need to know some serious things to prepare for this difficult battle.· Mold at home is one of the most common causes of respiratory problems and allergies. Itching of the eyes, nose and throat are very common. Runny nose and headache are also often due to the presence of mold in the home and not a cold. Especially if these symptoms persist for a long time and intensify, when you are at home, you should suspect that something is hiding behind your wall. Finally, the same cause can be due to skin problems, constant fatigue, and nausea.·
How will you deal with the problem?


1. Mold hates cleanliness.

2. Take care of the proper ventilation of your space.

3. Limit watering of plants indoors.

4. Dry the clothes quickly or better avoid to dry the clothes in the house.

5.Buy a very good dehumidifier

Extra tip: You can get a Wood’d hugrometer to systematically check humidity levels inside your home. 

This will help you to have a clear picture of your home environment and to prevent the appearance of the “mold in the house” phenomenon in time.



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