Magnumise the performance ,minimize the consumption cost!


Underfloor heating is the most efficient and modern practice in the field of Heating.

It is about a method that has been used more and more the last recent years to heat any space, as it offers many benefits.

Especially nowadays where the cost of the oil and natural gas is constantly increasing the pollution of the environment is taking on large dimensions and the planet is experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis, underfloor heating is the ideal solution.


Magnum Heating, has been a successful market leading European designer, manufacturer and supplier of electric underfloor heating systems and related products for over 3 decades! It constantly focuses on innovation, offering the best solutions of the market.

One of the best sellers innovative product is Slim FIT Underfloor , with hight of only 1,2 & 1,4 cm!The smallest one on the market!

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