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Indoor air quality should be concern to you in the house or the workplace as well , as it has an impact on the health and well-being of yourself and family. Indoor bad air such as pollution, dust, odors, smoke and bacteria can increase the chances of health hazards, causing respiratory illness and other infections. It can even affect mental health. But be assured that there are things you can do to protect yourself and family from such risks.

The Wood’s technique

Exceptional filtration with less noise and power consumption.

Wood’s air purifiers have a patented filtration technique. By using ionization both in the air purifier and in the filters, Wood’s are able to reach HEPA-level filtration levels, at a fraction of the energy consumption and noise levels that comes with such a dense filter.

With the lowest possible energy consumption and noise levels, Wood’s air purifiers provide a reliable and safe protection against pollutants down to size 0,0003 mm..

• The air is circulated in the room and drawn through the air purifier with a quiet and energy saving fan.

• The air particles are ionized as they enter the air purifier. This increases their size, and they are also attracted to oppositely charged surfaces.

• The Active ION HEPA filters are ionized in production. The filters attract and catch the already ionized air particles.



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