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The air conditioning and ventilation systems with heat recovery, is an innovative & autonomous room ventilation system, which creates the ideal air quality conditions, since it brings in fresh ambient air, which it simultaneously preheats, reducing humidity and ventilation losses.
This is how heat and a Healthy Atmosphere are achieved.
If we consider that we spend 90% of our lives indoors (home or office) and that in these spaces the air pollutants are from two to five times more than in the outdoor spaces, we will realize that the importance of ventilation living and working spaces are huge.
Therefore, in indoor spaces, a generally acceptable quality of the air present in the space must be ensured. This is easily achieved when the air in the room contains an acceptable concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), which should be between 500 and 1,000 parts of carbon dioxide per 1,000,000 parts (ppm) of air and is free of germs, dust, pollen and other suspended, harmful particles.
When indoor air quality deteriorates inside the space the following happens:
• Mold and unpleasant odors appear, while the relative humidity also increases.
• Pollutants such as airborne particles, household odors, ozone and carbon dioxide accumulate.
• Especially the high concentration of carbon dioxide can cause bad mood, fatigue, sleepiness, headaches, difficulty breathing, etc.
Ventilation systems improve air quality throughout the home and at the same time help save energy.
Automatic air exchange allows the windows to remain closed so that the heat produced through heating remains in the room.
Enjoy the comfortable temperature of your room and still have fresh air!
To take advantage of the benefits of a modern ventilation system, you should consider important aspects,
when choosing the right ventilation/ventilation technology.
But with KLIMOR you will be sure! Because we care for the air!
The process of selecting optimal solutions – supported by the innovative and intuitive Klimor Air Designer (KAD) software – allows us to ensure that every detail of the order, vital to customer expectations and assumptions, is properly considered in accordance with the best engineering practices .
Klimor's extensive product range and countless configuration possibilities ensure high flexibility and maximum customization of the solutions offered in relation to expected quality and functionality specifications, design requirements and investment budget. Air conditioning and air handling units manufactured by Klimor guarantee optimal air comfort – regardless of the type and size of the installation, the original purpose of the room or the technical conditions.
Klimor devices are available in dozens of sizes and designs, use different installation methods and are supplied with a wide range of accessories in the form of functional blocks. As a producer of air handling units, it also aims for excellence in the field of offered devices and innovative technologies that have set industry standards for years.The same happens with Marley Ventilation in an autonomous ventilation system.


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