Why do I need to buy an Air curtain?

Research has shown that stores that have their doors open attract up to 60% more customers than those that have their doors closed.

Of course, it is reasonable to wonder how a business with an open door will manage to maintain the temperature inside the space and also prevent the entry of smoke and insects, especially when we are talking about a health care store. The answer is simple. The catering equipment of these stores also includes an air curtain. Do you want to know how it works and what are its benefits? Read on!

What is an air curtain?

The air curtain is a device, which is placed above the door that remains open, i.e. mainly at the entrance door. It is a thin fan, which creates an air curtain, as the name of the device says, a protective shield that does not allow cold or hot air from outside to enter the store, while depending on its power it can have and other benefits.

What are its benefits?

The obvious benefit of a SONNIGER air curtain is that it allows the business to have the main entrance open, without the need for high energy consumption to maintain a constant temperature inside. The protective air keeps cold air masses out in winter and warm air masses in summer, so that the operation of the air conditioner for cooling or heating remains almost the same whether the door is open or closed. At the same time, when it comes to a high-powered air curtain, the entry of insects, dust, unpleasant odors, moisture and exhaust gases is prevented without the need for any other air cleaning device or insect trap.

In which stores is it needed?

The insect trap is necessary as catering equipment in shops that welcome customers, especially in restaurants, bars and cafes, where keeping the door open is crucial to attracting people, while at the same time saving energy greatly reduces the operating cost of the business. At the same time, the air curtain can be particularly useful in butcher shops, grocery stores, supermarkets and greengrocers, in order to reduce the entry of dust and insects inside the store.

What features should be considered?

Which air curtain you should choose for your business depends on several factors, such as door height and opening width, whether there are other doors and windows that open and close, the weather conditions of their shop area and the performance of the systems ventilation and air conditioning. In addition, there are various features in the air curtains, such as full automation and operational safety, low noise level as well as the ability to adjust the direction of the air, features that are related to the needs of each business.

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