According to the latest developments in our daily lives, air purifiers are the absolute allies against viral infections and specifically COVID-19, with the official announcement of the Swedish Wood’s factory!

But how do Wood’s air purifiers work against viruses and colds? Against the unforgettable and unprecedented COVID-19?

What does fresh air really mean?

There are many different ways to keep the air clean. Inside, the air can be two or five times more polluted than the outside air, according to research by experts on environmental protection in the United States! Studies show that breathing fresh air can make us  and our family healthier and improve our quality of life . Wood’s, as a company, grows its range of products year after year, always moving around such devices , using products with modern environmental technology.

Effective quality control allows them to provide a product we can all rely on! Their latest technological innovations have successfully led the plant to low-energy appliances, human-friendly devices and our environment according to EU requirements.

Products manufactured in Sweden according to ISO 9001/14001 standards.

Read the  link below, share it with your customers – partners and we at MEGA ENERGIAKI will all be here to help you and solve any question or clarification you need about these innovative devices, all human-friendly and eco friendly!

After 65 years of manufacturing experience, Wood’s Swedish factory continues to amaze us with its reliability, know-how and the effects of these devices so that we can breathe clean healthy air indoors where we and our family move !

As you can see, the official position of the factory, which strongly supports Wood’s air purifiers, is the ultimate ally for our good health and they reduce the spreading of all viruses and colds!